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FAQS about MedicalNetWorx e-Corporation

Q:Can you briefly describe the Medicalnetworx e-Corporation?

A:MedicalNetWorx e-Corporation is a digital e-marketing company based in Johannesburg providing health care professionals the information they need when they need. Our company is strictly specializing in pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical device companies’ e-detailing and digital marketing for the benefit of the medical community. Medicalnetworx is designed for the benefit of doctors, pharmacists and the entire medical community, owned and operated by practicing Physicians, Pharmacists, Marketers and Accountants. MedicalNetWorx e-Corporation conducts activities according to the corporate mission to "strive towards better health for people worldwide through leading innovation in technology."

Q:When was MedicalNetWorx e-Corporation established?

A:MedicalNetWorx e-Corporation was initiated on the 11/October/2010 (It was Monday) after much needed research it was registered and started trading on the 01/September/2014

Q:What kind of business activities does Medicalnetworx e-Corporation carry out.

A:MedicalNetWorx e-Corporation offer a broad range of services including Visual e-Detailing, Online advertising, SMS & mobile marketing campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), WebPR & Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management & Online Brand Monitoring, Email Marketing, Website Design & Development Services, Campaign Plans , please refer to our Our Services page.

Q:Will any of you service will replace clients marketing or sales department.

A:Our Company represents client companies, as an extension of its already established pharmaceutical sales force, not as a replacement. As a physician professedly owned company, we understand first-hand our client's endeavour to reach the busy, hurried medical providers and the frustration and failure of missed contacts. We offer an additional tool to insure that the pharmaceutical company’s message is delivered and that the expenditure time with the medical professional is more productive. The physicians, Dentists and other medical professionals because of their hectic schedule of attending to patients they hardly have the time needed to listen to medical sales representatives but with today technology (talking about smart phones, Ipad and laptops) it’s more convenient to browse internet to check most up to date industry information and go through a product e-detailing, all received via the Internet, and at the end they will have the option to request samples, additional information on the product and/or the visit from a pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical device manufacturers company representative.

Q:Why should MedicalNetWorx e-Corporation be preferred service provider of choice?

A:MedicalNetWorx Corporation offers pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical device manufacturers a reliable, high quality alternative to in-house resources for sales and marketing. We promise to improve the return on sales and marketing investment by accelerating the physician and other medical professionals' learning curve on and existing products through Web access to educational e-detailing of products and easily internet accessible marketing research. In addition, Medicalnetworx will benefit small and innovative pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical device manufacturers that do not have an extensive sales force to cover South Africa and Africa as a whole.

Q:How will MedicalNetWorx e-Corporation planned to achieve clients' objectives?

A:One of the tasks of a pharmaceutical company is to provide educational descriptions of their products to targeted physicians and other medical professionals. This is most cost effectively achieved by the Internet's 24/7 access availability, and our unique incentive program value incentive referral point program (VIRP) attracts and encourage professional collegiality (Shared responsibility). By associating with MedicalNetWorx, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies message will reach decision markers direction and at convenient time. Medicalnetworx provides a support infrastructure to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies’ sales representatives nationwide by offering 24 hour, seven day a week service through our online literature, product e-detailing, e-mail awareness, call-Centre's and sampling requests.