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Our "Ocean Eleven" Mission and Vision

MedicalNetworx was founded on the idea to improve the current selling pattern and to essentially fix where is broken. Millions are spent every year on 'Selling Tools', yet many companies still struggle to engage their customers when the actual selling occurs.

This led to MedicalNetworx e-Corporation A-Team to create a system that prop up e-Sales that start with the customer and worked backwards. The goal was to create a new selling system one that would consistently deliver the most effective message in any given situation. The one that would provide health care professionals the information they need when they need. Digital content that is not only personalized for a given customer, but recommended based on patterns identified from other like customer interactions.

We are on a mission to change the Sales perception of pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical device companies from that of a "walking ad" to that of a "trusted concierge".

The "Ocean Eleven" Story

MedicalNetworx e-Corporation is a digital e-marketing company based in Johannesburg providing health care professionals the information they need when they need. Our company is consist of team of experts (Specialists) rather than the generalists so we strictly specializing in pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical device companies for the benefit of the medical community. MedicalNetworx is designed for the benefit of doctors, pharmacists, dentists and the entire medical community, owned and operated by practicing Doctors, Pharmacists, Marketers and Accountants.

MedicalNetworx has developed a method that allows all of these industries to benefit from sales support all accomplished with the direct intervention of medical community. MedicalNetworx gives the client companies the opportunity to market directly to the decision makers, establishing immediate credibility through our extensive network of medical professionals.

MedicalNetworx has identified four key strategies that we feel are essential for success:

  1. Improve access of the prescribing doctor to the pharmaceuticals via newly developed Internet technology, to accelerate market acceptance of a product and to increase its prescribing pattern.
  2. MedicalNetworx uses a grass root approach to recruit and retain participating prescribing medical professionals through a value incentive referral point program (VIRP). MedicalNetworx Corporation as a physician owned and operated company, understands physician's needs and offers, in addition to our unique VIRP system, other value added programs such as CME, physician cyber meeting places and other extensive point redemption options.
  3. MedicalNetworx can provide evidence-based analysis for the pharmaceutical industry in order to justify the pharmaceutical investment in e-detailing.
  4. MedicalNetworx anticipates aggressive, but controlled growth, in order to maintain the quality of our service.

The "Ocean Eleven" Wow Plan Execution?

Our plan to solve this problem is pretty simple

Step 1 Take your digital sales content and make it available in one place

Step 2 your messengers to identify who they are speaking to and what they are looking for

Step 3 Recommend content based on who and what

Step 4 Track EVERYTHING that happens

Step 5 Create Predictive Models to help marketers create better content and better guidance for your sales reps.

Isn't this Your "Ocean Eleven" marketing plan? Isn't this Already Happening?

If this concept is so easy, why aren't more companies doing it? PLEASE avoid the "Jack of all trades, master of none."

The market vendors have created confusion around the problem. Anything not already labelled CRM, Content Management or Marketing Automation is now Sales Probability. Companies attempting to solve the fundamental Content-Customer problem for sales can end up down many different paths. Some of the more common pitfalls are:

  1. Hire advertising agencies, build fancy standalone content applications. Deploying these is like throwing out your anchor before it's tied to the boat.
  2. Custom Build Solutions - This is great if you need three year-old technology. It's not so good in a rapidly maturing market. e-Sales is a hot market that is evolving quickly. Waste 12-months on a custom build and you will be 12 months further behind when you're done.
  3. Ignore tracking and analytics. Would you build a website today without tracking? Is this really any different?
  4. Fail to keep content updated. The average content cliff across industries is 60 days. Your utilisation will always trend towards zero if you don't refresh your material.
About Us - Edetailing
About Us - Edetailing


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